Receive notifications when cooler or freezer temperatures rise above or below your designated standard, indicating there may be a door propped open or faulty equipment.

– Address issues as soon as they occur with real-time notifications.
– Reinforce food safety by keeping coolers/freezers at the appropriate temperatures.
– Reduce costs by conserving energy.

“Our walk-in cooler trigger helps to keep avoidable food decay at a minimum. It gives me a digital temperature read and sends an email alert anytime the temperature goes above or below the desired temperature.
– Jeremy O’Sullivan, Hungry Howie’s


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Foster complete situational awareness and decrease shrink with DTT event triggers. Real-time alerts combined with video evidence enable you to address and verify issues as soon as they occur, enabling you to better manage inventory, cash, and food safety.

Back Door & Safe Triggers
Monitor unauthorized or afterhours activity, ensure that employees are reviewing shipments and signing for all deliveries, and confirm that all cash is consistently secured and placed in the safe.

Event Log
Review time-stamped logs of any activity performed on a regular basis, such as drawer pulls, cash drops, shift changes, deliveries, various aspects of food preparation, and more.


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Allow your team members to anonymously report any concerns and issues, or offer suggestions on creating a better workplace. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, access all submissions through the MyDTT™ portal, where messages are stored indefinitely.

Common Topics Include: – Harassment
– Safety
– Discrimination
– Unfair Treatment
– Theft
– Fraud


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Stop criminal activity resulting from negligent hiring in its tracks with background checks. Through our partnership with ISS, packages are designed specifically for DTT and offered at an exclusive rate to protect your enterprise against costly liability and improve the likelihood of hiring qualified employees. Submit requests and access all information directly on the MyDTT™ portal.

Choose from 3 standard options, or ask about our other services. All packages are compliant with FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act).


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Dedicated DTT professionals with industry experience provide ongoing training and consulting services to clients, helping owners and operators receive maximum impact from DTT loss prevention services. Training focuses on labor, organization, menu assortment, customer service, loss prevention, and managing multi-unit operations.

BCG helps with:

– Initial training on DTT software and functions.
– Business discussions on enhancing operations and performance through customized tools.
– Deeper education on utilizing DTT services via ongoing sessions.

“Our consultants have the industry experience necessary to engage clients in ways that will create and maintain ROI.”

Scott Greenwald, VP BCG


dtt offsite storage

Don’t lose your valuable video footage! In the event your DVR is damaged or stolen, off-site storage ensures your data is backed up to DTT’s secure video cloud. Data is uploaded from the DVR to the backup server every 2 minutes, ensuring that the minutes immediately prior to an incident are captured. Off-site storage is paired with DVR replacement insurance so the cost of new hardware won’t come out of your own pocket. Choose from two different options:

Standard Off-Site Storage

– Video footage from any 1 camera backed up and stored for 3 days.

Off-Site Storage PLUS

– Video footage from any 1 camera backed up and stored for 90 days.
– Adheres to PCI Compliance regulations, which requires that video cameras monitor entry/exit point of sensitive areas.