MyDTT™: Enterprise Management Tool

Enterprise Tools, Just a Click Away

The MyDTT™ portal is your one-stop-shop for all things surveillance and loss prevention. At MyDTT™, you’ll have access to a wide variety of enterprise specific data within just a few clicks of the mouse. The system is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind so that data critical to your organization is available from one central command center.


Access to all your data from anywhere, anytime.
Ability to set various permission levels for owners, managers, and employees.
Management of multiple locations from one central command center.
MyDTT™ will revolutionize the way you manage your locations.


Enterprise Query
Video exception data. These pre-determined, customizable, high priority transactions and events can also be sent directly to your email daily. All past reports will be available on MyDTT™ for easy reference. These include video and relevant POS data.
MyDTT Scream
Text-based customer feedback tool. Here you can respond to or view messages, configure notifications and location settings, and view message statistics for all locations/days.
MyDTT LiveView
Live View
Live video from all stores and all cameras. From here you can also access DTT's remote view software.
MyDTT Support
Support Tickets/System Health
Support ticket history. Follow up on any open tickets and review content of closed tickets. On the System Health tab, monitor the status of your entire surveillance system and alert DTT of any concerns.
Loss Prevention
Repository of SmartAudits™, End-of-Month reports, Cases and Investigations. Contact DTT’s LP team to update reports or gather more information. Also, view all Tipline reports submitted from your crew.
Remote Incident Support Archiving
In the event of a critical incident, video footage can be archived for easy retrieval and viewing. Video is available on a watermarked disc or can be downloaded directly from the portal.

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