SmartAudit™: Tool

What is SmartAudit™?

SmartAudit™ has enabled DTT customers to increase ROI and directly impacts operations without demanding a great deal of time and effort from operators and owners. These customizable exception-based reports will assist with lowering food costs, reducing theft, improving customer service, and increasing overall efficiency by analyzing operational areas ranging from employee cash handling to housekeeping.


Customizable audits and monthly trending reports compiled by DTT’s professional LP specialists
Thorough and unbiased evaluations of operation, front to back.
Accessibility to reports by email or through MyDTT™ Portal.
Comprehensive overview of areas like health, safety, security, speed of service, customer service, and productivity.
Combination of POS, video, and audio data.
Negative and positive feedback on various operational issues.


Access supporting video footage directly from your SmartAudit™ report.

SmartLinks™ - initial SmartAudit™ review
SmartLinks™ - employee appears on cellphone - footage review
SmartLinks™ - verify incident by viewing footage

SmartAudit™ Reports

Review comparative monthly data across any of your store locations. Search and download directly from the MyDTT™ portal by concept/franchise, store, date, or report type. Your very own on-demand reporting tool.

SmartAudit™ Reports-img

* Also available specifically for speed of service

What Are DTT Customers Saying About SmartAudit™?

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