SmartAudit™ Tool

What is SmartAudit™?

SmartAudit™ has enabled DTT customers to increase ROI and directly impacts operations without demanding a great deal of time and effort from operators and owners. These exception-based reports will assist with lowering food costs, reducing theft, improving customer service, and increasing overall efficiency by analyzing operational areas ranging from employee cash handling to housekeeping.

  • Professional audits compiled by DTT's LP specialists
  • Thorough and unbiased evaluations of operation, front to back
  • Combination of POS, video, and audio data
  • Customizable inspection questions to suit the needs of each individual operator
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Brief Overview of SmartAudit™ Direct Video Links with Images

Operator receives SmartAudit™ report provided by DTT's LP team.

Oh no! Operator notices a policy violation then clicks on the image to access corresponding video footage on the MyDTT™ portal.

From MyDTT™ operator views video and can see exactly what took place.

SmartAudit™ Overview
Sample Reports
SmartAudit™ Samples from Various Concepts

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