Smart Device Integration

Roam Free While Maintaining Presence at Your Location(s)!

  • View your surveillance cameras remotely over the internet with your smart device.
  • View up to 6 cameras at one time.
  • Take snapshots of live video directly from your device.
  • Access SmartAudit™ Reports whenever and wherever (must have pdf viewer).
  • Receive email alerts with video images.
  • Take advantage of Pan Tilt Zoom control capabilities.
Keep an Eye on Your Stores from Anywhere

Sampling of Devices that DTT Integrates with including a laptop, tablet and smartphone

Devices include the iPhone®, iPad™, & Android phones!

The Galaxy S® 4 by Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. The iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple®, Inc. The iPad™ is a registered trademark of Apple®, Inc.